Education Provider Information

Below you will find a text version of our partner letter that was previously sent out to all education proivders that we work with. If you would like a PDF copy of this, or any more infomation, please email 

Introducing The Hub Plus Derbyshire, your single point of access for training, support and development for Derbyshire primary care owned by Derbyshire primary care.

The Hub Plus Derbyshire is the next step in the evolution of two trusted organisations delivering for the county: General Practice Task Force (GPTF) and Health Education Derbyshire (HED), Derbyshire’s Primary Care Training Hub. The Hub Plus combines the familiar team, benefits and services of both into a single, more streamlined entity.

The purpose of The Hub Plus Derbyshire is to provide training, education, development and support for all colleagues working in primary care, ensuring there is complete ‘wraparound’ care throughout a career in primary care whether clinical, non-clinical, managerial or leadership.

Why are we re-branding?
Since 2016, GPTF has grown and evolved, and this refresh of our brand reflects our values, vision, and commitment to our practices, partners, and stakeholders. Our new brand incorporates the whole practice and PCN team, supporting a multi-professional workforce and the different employment models of people working in primary care.

We also wanted a united brand that both GPTF and Health Education Derbyshire colleagues could feel inspired and empowered by. This decision is driven by our desire to stay relevant, innovative, and responsive to the changing needs of the Derbyshire General Practice workforce whom we serve.

Our comprehensive rebranding includes a new brand logo, tagline, and an enhanced visual identity via our new website, learning portal and our social media channels. We want to assure you that while our external appearance may change, our core values and dedication general practice and healthcare remains.

GPTF Ltd will remain the registered company name, but the external facing brand will change. GPTF and The Hub Plus Derbyshire’s brands remain not-for-profit, maximising much needed investment in training the workforce now and in the future.

What’s changed for University and College partners?
Our placement portal is now live, all placement requests and offers for Derbyshire’s practices and PCNs will be organised through this, and you should have received a demonstration of the format we need this in for publication. We hope that this will encourage placement providers to offer with full knowledge of the placement requirements. We continue to ask you not to contact practices and PCNs directly and use us to ensure practices and students have a high-quality placement experience. For more information, please email

We are also supporting NHSE’s vision of Learning Environment Approvals at scale, and whilst in its infancy, we hope to drive this forward for Derbyshire in 2024. If you have not been involved in any conversations at scale approvals, please contact

We also continue to be integral to Derbyshire’s Integrated Care System Apprenticeship work and would like to take this opportunity to remind you that any apprenticeships for health and social care employers in Derbyshire should be funded through gifted levy and not a 5% contribution, for more information please email

We want to keep you informed about the key changes with our rebranding process:

New Logo and Visual Identity: Our fresh new logo and visual identity reflects the breadth of our support and our commitment to ensuring our projects are open and accessible to all.

Website Update: Our website is having a make-over and will go live at the end of this month. Some information may be temporarily unavailable during transition and if this is the case, we would encourage you to contact us via email at

Social Media: Please follow and subscribe to our new social media accounts:
- X (formally known as Twitter): The Hub Plus
- Facebook & LinkedIn: The Hub Plus Derbyshire

Other information: Our physical location remains the same (RTC Offices, London Road Derby, DE24 8UP).

Please update your records with our new email addresses, phone numbers, and any other relevant information provided in this and future communications.

Thank you!
Thank you for your trust and continued partnership with General Practice Task Force and The Hub Plus. Your support has been instrumental in our success, and we are excited about the future possibilities as The Hub Plus continues to work in partnership with General
Practice and Primary Care.

Finally, our team at The Hub Plus are committed to delivering quality education and training and ensuring all roles working in general practice in Derbyshire are supported. Please do get in touch with us, should you or your practice need support, or if you have any questions.


Kind Regards,

Emma Brailsford