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Susie Bayley Susie Bayley

Susie Bayley

Job Title: Medical Director

Claire Leggett Claire Leggett

Claire Leggett

Job Title: Business Director

Responsibilities: "I have been with The Hub Plus since the very beginning when it we launched a large project called General Practice Task Force (GPTF) delivering resilience support to practices in Derbyshire in 2016. Since then, we have been expanding our programmes for general practice, became a fully independent company in 2022 and took on the service contract for the local Primary Care training hub increasing our staff from 4 to 20+.

I am proud to be one of the Company Directors on the board, ensuring value and impact for general practice within our not for profit company ethos.

My role is overseeing the business delivery and strategy for the company including business development. I have a background in commissioning, contract management, programme management and training. I am a qualified Coach and enjoy supporting people to progress and meet their coaching goals."  

Interesting/ fun fact/ hobby: "I love hiking in the Peak District, travelling, Zumba and spending time with family and friends."

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Sue Knott

Job Title: Finance officer

Dr Shehla Imtiaz-Umer

Job Title: Chair 

Ian Potter

Job Title: GPPB


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The Hub Plus Staff


Paula Partington Paula Partington

Paula Partington

Job Title: HR & Operations Manager

Responsibilities: "I manage the day-to-day operations of The Hub Plus."  

Interesting/fun fact/ hobby: "I am a CIPD HR professional with over 30 years of experience delivering across multiple sectors, always putting people at the heart of the conversation. I am a committed Francophile learning French in my spare time."

Laura Bentley Laura Bentley

Laura Bentley

Job Title: Programme Lead

Responsibilities: "I'm Passionate and skilled programme lead, excelling in project planning, data and budgets. I'm Known for fostering collaboration across teams to ensure successful project outcomes."

Interesting/ fun fact/ hobby: Weightlifting / lived and worked in upstate New York for a year / enjoys taking time off from work to travel the world favourite spots, Helsinki, Yosemite and Khao Sok National Park.

Emma Brailsford Emma Brailsford

Emma Brailsford

Job Title: Service Delivery Manager

Responsibilities: "I oversee all programmes and projects we offer to ensure they meet our high standards and the needs of Derbyshire’s Primary Care workforce. I have a passion for learning and want to support staff to fulfil their goals."

Interesting/fun fact/hobby: "I’m a qualified teacher. I’m always doing something! In my spare time I have lots of clubs to take my children too, run a football coaching company, sit on the PTFA and I’m a Governor for a local Primary School."

Amy Foster Amy Foster

Amy Foster

Job Title: Project Coordinator - Retention, Wellbeing & EDI

Responsibilities: "I am the main contact for many projects including New to Practice, Practice Management programme, Partnership programmes and Supporting Mentor schemes. I am passionate about retaining all roles within General Practice as I have previously worked as a reception manager for nearly 7 years prior to starting work at the Hub plus in 2022."

Interesting/fun fact/hobby: "I Previously worked in General Practice for 7 years prior to The Hub Plus working my way up as an apprentice all the way to Reception Manager and Pharmacy Dispenser. I love Long walks around the countryside and I am a big fan of stargazing!"

Jess Doyle Jess Doyle

Jess Doyle

Job Title: Project Coordinator - Education & Educators

Responsibilities: "As a dedicated project coordinator in sector of training and education, my role involves ensuring Derbyshire Primary Care has access to comprehensive training. Additionally, I actively collaborate on various projects, engaging with stakeholders to enhance the overall educational experience."

Interesting/fun fact/hobby: "I love to spend my time with family and friends and going on walks."

Charlie Knight Charlie Knight

Charlie Knight

Job Title: Project Coordinator - Placements, Careers & Apprenticeships

Responsibilities: "I work to increase apprenticeship numbers in general practice across the region as well as increasing student placements. My work helps to increase our future General Practice workforce and promote General Practice as a career destination for all people."

Interesting/fun fact/ hobby: "I like going to the gym religiously but also eating loads of chocolate and biscuits."

Hannah Bullock Hannah Bullock

Hannah Bullock

Job Title: Business Support Administrator


Interesting/fun fact/ hobby



Luke Testro Luke Testro

Luke Testro

Marketing & Content Officer

Dr Amy Hadfield Dr Amy Hadfield

Dr Amy Hadfield

Job Title: GP Educator.

Responsibilities: "My role within the training hub involves delivering education on clinical topics. I also work as a clinical link for ARRS staff by helping to provide or facilitate training and education to aid their development." 

Interesting/fun fact/ hobby: "I'm a big dog lover, but also a closet Kardashian fan." 

Amy Yeoman Amy Yeoman

Amy Yeoman

Job Title: GPN Champion

Responsibilities: "I support GPNs, Nursing associates and student nurses in their training and development. I am passionate about promoting nursing within Primary Care and developing the Nurse workforce."

Interesting/fun fact/hobby: "I am the Hub Plus crazy cat lady; I have two cats Elvis and Thea."


Aimee Booth Aimee Booth

Aimee Booth

Job Title: Pharmacy Ambassador

Responsibilities: 'I liaise with pharmacy-related staff within Derby and Derbyshire. Connect with students to support placements within general practice. I also support the transition, induction and embedding for newly qualified/new to general practice colleague.' 

Interesting/fun fact/ hobby: “Outside of work I have two young boys, and as a family we enjoy going to watch the Ice Hockey. I love live music and getting lost in a good book.” 

Samantha Cadd Samantha Cadd

Samantha Cadd

Job Title: Nursing Associate 

Responsibilities: My role is to promote the role of the Nursing Associate (NA) within primary care and erase the negativity that comes with the title. I support both student and registered NA's within their role whether this be with training needs, signposting for placement needs, preceptorships or enhancing their career.

Interesting fun fact/hobby: I also have my own business as a lash/brow technician, I do pole fitness and I have a cat called Harry and a husky called Zeus.

Sharon Bown Sharon Bown

Sharon Bown

ACP Project manager

Georgia Hunt Georgia Hunt

Georgia Hunt

New to Practice ambassador

Dr Jonathan Smith Dr Jonathan Smith

Dr Jonathan Smith

Workforce planning lead

Linda Cross Linda Cross

Linda Cross

Freedom to Speak Up Guardian

Emilia Betteridge

Project Manager

Workforce planning, PCN Development & additional roles

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Dr Katie Cowley

Dr Heidi Wright

Dr Eilise Brogan

Dr Gail Walton