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Placement tariff

There is a placement tariff for each placement, not all being the same. This is a one-off payment to your practice (the placement provider) once the placement is completed. This payment is to acknowledge the staff time taken to supervise and assess the student.
For each type of placement, the tariff amount is set and provided by NHS England. At The Hub Plus, we are responsible for contacting HEIs and finding out the tariff for each placement type.

Specialism Period  Rate
Physician Associate Weekly £510.00
Dietician Weekly £122.55
Occupational Therapy Weekly £122.55
SNA   £0.00
Paramedic Weekly £122.00
Pharmacy Daily £24.51
Physiotherapy Weekly £122.55
DETNA Weekly £122.55
Child Nursing Weekly £122.55
Adult Nursing Weekly £122.55
Mental Health Nursing Weekly £122.55


*Please be aware that all funding information is subject to change, to make sure you have the correct information before taking a student contact us at 


All placements are now managed via our Placement Portal, if you want to know more or get set up with an account, please email who will be able to answer any questions and get you started on the system.







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