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Working collaboratively with JUCD Wellbeing, we're dedicated to your wellbeing and the wellbeing of your team. We understand that providing great care starts with self-care. In alignment with the NHS People Plan, we offer a variety of services, apps, and resources designed to support your individual wellbeing and team wellness.





Explore our carefully curated resources covering topics like stress management, resilience, and keeping active.

Invest in your wellbeing, and you'll be better equipped to provide exceptional care.

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Wellbeing Champion

Becoming a Wellbeing Champion is a voluntary role, which is open to any member of the team.  All that is required is the enthusiasm and commitment to the health and wellbeing agenda and to support your organisation to improve the health and wellbeing of the workforce.
A Wellbeing Champion will actively promote and encourage colleagues to participate in health and wellbeing initiatives.

For more information, please watch our short video:

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Wellbeing Guardian

Wellbeing Guardians, have the opportunity to make a real difference in their organisation, placing staff health and wellbeing at the heart what they do. They will be in an ideal position to support, influence and seek assurance from your senior leaders, creating a culture of wellbeing where the organisation cares for its people, who care for others.
Visit Wellbeing Guardians – Our NHS People to read more about the role.
Within Derbyshire we have made it our aim to ensure every PCN has a wellbeing guardian

Why Every Board Should Have a Wellbeing Guardian
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