Partnership Development Programme

Are you aspiring to become a General Practice Partner or have recently enrolled in a partnership at your practice?

Applications are now CLOSED for 2024.

The Hub Plus, in collaboration with the Nottinghamshire Phoenix programme, is pleased to offer you a comprehensive support programme designed to equip you with the guidance and skills necessary for a successful journey as a general practice partner.

Building on the substantial success of the program in recent years and the positive feedback received, this programme features detailed content and a blend of in-person and virtual sessions, providing you with diverse opportunities to collaborate, network and receive mutual support on your path to partnership in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.

Learning objectives

  • Define the key elements of successful partnerships.
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of partners within a collaborative setting.
  • Understand the relevant legal and regulatory frameworks within a partnership.
  • Foster a mindset for creative problem-solving within the partnership.
  • Develop networking capabilities to establish and maintain valuable connections in the professional community.
  • Explore trends and changes in the General Practice and partnership landscape.
  • Identify personal and professional goals within the context of partnership.

These learning objectives aim to provide a holistic overview for you to thrive in your role as a General Practice partner.

Proposed timetable

Our comprehensive timetable explores a range of critical topics, ranging from the external environment and business management to leadership and the future landscape of general practice. The combination of face-to-face and remote sessions enables a flexible and accessible learning experience, fostering collaboration and networking among participants.

All meetings 1.00-3.00pm with 3.00-4.00pm for discussion/networking/peer support

Date Topic Location
Friday 16th February External Environment  Face-to-Face

Wednesday 13th March

Business & Management of general practice  Remote
Wednesday 10th April Property Remote
Wednesday 1st May Accounts & Finance Remote
Wednesday 29th May GP Contracting Remote
Wednesday 19th June HR for General Practice partners- covering the wider practice and salaried GPs  Remote
Wednesday 17th July  Leadership Remote
Friday 9th August  The future of general practice and partnerships  Face-to-Face

Topics may be reordered depending on availability of speakers.

Our Speakers, each with a wealth of experience in the intricacies of General Practice partnerships, will provide valuable insights, share practical knowledge, and engage in interactive sessions to support and inspire the next generation of General Practice partners.

How to apply

We invite individuals from various roles to sign up for our program. If you're uncertain about eligibility, please reach out to for further details.

Applications are now CLOSED for 2024.

Who can join?

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It is a requirement that participants attend all sessions unless prior agreements have been made with The Hub Plus. Full terms and conditions can be found onour sign-up form.
By ticking the "I Agree" box, I confirm that I have read, understood, and agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined above. For a more comprehensive understanding,please refer to the full terms and conditions available on our sign-up form.